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The CODE OF CONDUCT is designed as much for the coach as it is for the athlete. The “code” is designed to help the training group function effectively and to avoid possible problems. It is neither repressive, nor severe, nor perfect---but necessary

Reasons or Conditions Required to Work with a Coach

  • You must be motivated and want to train regularly

  • You must be confident in yourself and want to improve on the track and in your life

  • You must be confident in your coach, respect them and be honest with them

  • You must be confident in the structure of your club and contribute to the development of it

Reasons or Conditions Necessary to Train on a Regular Basis 

  • Athletes must accept the responsibility of training and competing

  • One must inspire to better oneself

  • Keep a log/diary of all your training

  • Keep a personal statistic on yourself (competition results PBs etc)

  • Be responsible for training alone

  • Don’t do work half-hearted

  • Do off day workouts at home when necessary

  • Be punctual for training and warm ups. Inform your coach if you cannot make a training session

  • Don’t waste your time or the time of others within your training group

  • Have fun at training

 Cohesiveness is Necessary for Success

  • Develop a “you and me “ positive relationship with your coach

  • Develop a positive, responsible and caring attitude for all training group and club members

  • Minimise your errors on and off the track

  • You need to have a heart to be hungry to succeed

  • Limit your distractions

  • Have a good work ethic at training

  • Be a HERE AND NOW athlete


Adapted from “The Science of Hurdling and Speed by Brent Mcfarlene”


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