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All of the coaches of Victoria Park have been encouraged to contribute articles on every aspect of coaching and training to the web site in order that their experience can be shared among their peers and the athletes of the club.

Links to all of the articles are listed below.

Food and Nutrition - Janey Russell (BSc PgD SRD) Sports Dietitian 

This page was provided by Janey Russell the sports dietician, following a presentation to VPAAC members at Scotstoun.

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Dynamic Warm Up - Graham Smith

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Warm UP - Ricky Miell

The sprint groups warm up routine.

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Circuit Training - Graham Smith

Probably the best way to introduce athletes to the world of strength training is to have them perform body-weight/circuit type exercises. As you might guess, these exercises use the athlete’s own body weight as the resistance.

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Definition and Types of Strength - Graham Smith

There are several defined types of strength and I have listed some of the more common in the article.

Strength Training involves many different types and aspects of strength, each having a particular significance for various sports and athletes.

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Track Success - Andy McCracken

“How do I reduce my 1500m time or can you recommend some schedules to improve my 800m time”

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Cool Down - Ricky Miell

Many athletes dismiss the warm down as a waste of time or unimportant but the warm down is every bit as important as the warm up. While the warm up is to prepare the athlete for the task ahead, the warm down at the end of the session plays a different role.

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Endurance Performance - Graham Smith

Training adaptations required to enhance endurance performance.

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Strength Training and Conditioning - Graham Smith

I am a firm believer in Strength Training & Conditioning for the Young Athlete, among other things it can help to reduce the occurrence of injury, improve posture and general body strength, which in turn will improve running economy, and aid technique in your chosen event.

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Strength Training for Female Athletes - Graham Smith

Special consideration is required with regard to female athletes and their participation in strength training.

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Stretching - Ricky Miell

Pre training warm up, whether to stretch or not.  Does traditional static stretching before training prevent injury ?

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Medicine Ball exercises - Graham Smith

A full explanation of exercises and circuits with the medicine ball.

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