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Induction Group

This group consists of U9, U11 and U13 boys and girls.  The minimum age is 9 years for the Tuesday and Thursday sessions.

Athletes under the pocket option age of 9 can attend the Monday and Wednesday sessions only.

They are coached by Coached by Kenny Gray,  Donald Wilson, Theresa Ferrie, Ian Stirrat, David Halliday, Sharon Waters, Senga Sinclair and Trish Little.

They are currently training at Scotstoun Stadium on Mondays, Tuesdays Wedesdays and Thursdays from 7pm.

We will try, via the website and Message Board to keep you up to date with any changes to our plans, but if you are in any doubt, you can always telephone the staff at the Kelvin Hall on 0141 357 2525.  The facility does occasionally close to allow preparation for major Sporting events.

All the athletes need to bring to the training session is a tracksuit or vest and shorts and a pair of training shoes.  Spikes may be of benefit if you can afford them but are not a necessity.

A cold drink of some kind is also pocket option demo trading recommended to replace those lost fluids.

The coaches of the U11's try to introduce the athletes to the core elements of track and field i.e. running, jumping and throwing through fun activities.

The U13s are introduced to a variety of track and field events including sprints, middle distance, shot put, long jump and high jump and are prepared for competition at all levels.

Itís not essential to rush out and buy a pair of spikes so try to resist the initial earache.  A good pair of training shoes is far more beneficial and used far more in training than spikes.  Remember though that when you do buy spikes to put the studs in with Vaseline.  This way the spikes will be easier to remove when they become worn down and require replacement and youíll also cut down on the risk of breaking the thread when you try to take the old spike out.  If the spike hasnít been put in with Vaseline then you run the risk of the spikes becoming embedded in the shoe and effectively rendering the shoe useless.  With a pair of shoes averaging around the £30/40 mark against a few pounds for a new pair of track studs then I know what sort of cash Iíd rather part with.  When pocket option coupon code buying replacement spikes for your shoes please note you should buy 5mm for the track and 9mm or 12mm for cross-country.  9mm are more commonly used with there not being too many races which require that extra long grip.  

There is competition all year round for this age group.   Track and Field throughout the Summer, Cross Country, Road Running and Indoor Competitions at The Kelvin Hall.

For more information, contact Gordon by e-mail or on 0141 563 7013.



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