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CSSAL 2010 – Division 1 – Match 1.

The first meeting of the CSSAL was held at Linwood on Sunday 25th April 2010. We are presently in 6th place with 729 points but this is due to a lack of U17 athletes who were competing in the NJAL which takes priority over the CSSAL. Notable performances are listed below.Ivy Hill

Stuart Ross was 1st in the Senior Mens 400m with a time of 50.4s.  Calum Innes was 1st in the Senior Mens 100m with a time of 10.9s.

Gerry Farrell was 2nd in both the Senior Mens Discus and Shot Putt with distances of 34.2m and 9.44m respectively.

Lucinda Logan was 1st in the Senior Womens High Jump with a height of 1.73m. Jane Scott was  1st in both the Long Jump with a distance of 5.21m and the 100m with a time of 13.6s.

Ethan Sloan-Dennison was 3rd in the U17M 800m with a time of 2.06.4s.

The U17M 4 x 100m Relay team consisting of Marcos McCurley, Michael Murray, Paul MacFarlane and John McCall was 2nd in a time of 48.00s.

Charlotte Chambers was 3rd in the U17W Long Jump with a distance of 4.40m. Jude Sloan-Dennison

Russell Findlay was 3rd in the U15B 400m with a time of 59.9s and was 1st in the U15B High Jump with a height of 1.55m.

The U15B 4 x 100m Relay team consisting of Russell Findlay, James Couper, Ivan Muanze-Bengono and Jamie Middleton was 2nd in a time of 54.9s.

Paige Dickson was 1st in the U15G 100m with a time of 13.5s and Kyle Thomson was 3rd in the U13B 100m with a time of 15.2s.

Jude Sloan-Dennison was 3rd in the U15G discus with a distance of 13.44m and Ivy Hill was 1st in the U13G High Jump with a height of 1.40m.

Jamie MacKinnon was 3rd in the U13B 800m with a time of 2.35.4s and Leah Thompson was 3rd in the U11G 800m with a time of 3.03.4s.

Young Athletes League - Grangemouth

VP-Glasgow are competing in the Young Athletes League on Sunday the 2nd of May at Grangemouth Stadium.  This is the 1st of three matches which will decide which teams qualify for the Scottish Final at Scotstoun Stadium.

A minibus will be leaving Scotstoun at 0930 hrs on Sunday morning.  If you would like to travel, please e-mail Gordon to confirm your place on the bus.  The cost of the return journey will be £3.

Good luck to everyone taking part.

Scottish Women’s Athletic League – Match 1 Gillian Black

The first meeting of the SWAL was held at Grangemouth Stadium on Sunday 18th April. A big thank you to all the athletes who competed in very cold and often wet conditions. Unfortunately, due to a very poor turnout at some age groups, VP-Glasgow came last with a disappointing total of 215 match points. There were, however, several excellent performances which are noted below.

Gillian Black was 1st “B” in the U13 800m with a time of 2.41.14s

In the U15 age group, Eilidh McEvilly was 2nd “A” and Mhairi Patience 1st “B” in the 75m Hurdles with times of 12.4s and 12.7s respectively. Eilidh had further success coming 1st “A” with her team-mate Katie Ord 1st “B” in the Shot Putt with distances of 8.59m and 7.25m respectively. Eilidh then rounded off her day coming 3rd “A” in the Javelin with a distance of 19.02m.

Mhairi was also 2nd “A” and Juliet Gold 3rd “B” in the 100m with times of 13.3s and 13.8s respectively. Dianne Ramsay

Paige Dickson was 3rd “A” in the 200m with a time of 28.1s.

Mhairi Hendry was 2nd “A” and Eliza Chiswell 3rd “B” in the 800m with times of 2.29.42s and 2.41.72s respectively.

Eilidh, Paige, Juliet and Mhairi were 1st in the 4 x 100m Relay.

In the Senior age group, Diane Ramsay was 2nd “A” in both the 100m and 200m with times of 13.1s and 26.1s respectively.

Jane Scott was also 2nd “A” in both the 100m Hurdles with a time of 16.0s and the Triple Jump with a distance of 10.41m.

Linda Innes

Scottish Athletics League – Division 2 – Match 1 Allan Ramsay

Allan Ramsay was 1st “A” in both the 400m and 800m with times of 52.99s and 2.00.19s respectively.

John Mulhern was 2nd “B” in both the 100m and 200m with times of 11.6s and 23.91s respectively.

Ethan Sloan-Dennison was 3rd in the 1500m with a time of 4.22.25s.

Gerry Farrell was 1st “A” and 2nd “A” in the Hammer and Shot Putt with distances of 33.82m and 9.83m respectively.

Matthew Hester was 2nd “A” in the Javelin with a distance of 34.25m.

And last but definitely not least – Martin Hayes who was very busy with the following performances:- 1st “B” in the 400m Hurdles with a time of 63.82s, 2nd “A” in the 110m Hurdles with a time of 20.14s, 3rd “A” in the 3000m with a time of 10.12.49s, 2nd “A” in the Long Jump with a distance of 5.45m and 2nd “B” in the Javelin with a distance of 30.25m. It must be pointed out that Martin contributed 74 match points to the total of 232 which put VP-Glasgow in 3rd position. We’re surprised that Martin had the strength to get back on the bus unaided!

Linda Innes

Club Training TopsNew Hoodie

The Committee have agreed to buy a stock of the Nike Hoodie training tops in the Club colours (pictured right).

The cost will be £18 for athletes up to and including U13's and £23 for athletes U15 and over.  A special price of £15 is available to athletes who assisted with the bag packing on Saturday the 27th of March.

Before we place an order, can athletes or their parents specify in an e-mail to Gordon the number of tops required and the anticipated size.

Please place your order as soon as possible if you would like to be supplied from the first batch.

Children's Sizes:

22-24 25-27 28-39 31-33 34-36
Adult Sizes:      
34-36 36-38 38-40 41-43 44-46

Scottish Road Relay Championships

Derek GibbThe annual Championships were held at Almondvale in Livingston on Saturday the 3rd of April.  VP-Glasgow's mens A team finished in 29th place with the B team finishing in 47th place.

The teams competed over 6 alternate legs of 3.15 miles (short) and 5.85 miles (long).

Team A consisted of Derek Gibb - 9th in 16.37, Sean Fontana - 10th in 32.19, Allan Ramsay - 9th in 16.38, Chris Sheridan - 19th in 38.47, Ralph Connolly - 20th in 20.20 and Gerry Craig - 20th in 35.14.

Team B consisted of Peter Ramsay - 54th in 21.21, Tom Ord - 52nd in 39.30, Crawford Little - 47th in 18.37, Peter Dawes - 47th in 42.11, Kenny McVey - 46th in 21.20 and Rab Daly - 47th in 44.21.

Donald Branney ran unsupported and finished 81st with a time of 22.18.

A good team effort from all concerned.

Alloa Half MarathonGerry Craig

The Half Marathon was held on Sunday the 21st of March at the Leisure Bowl, Parkway, Alloa.  Four of our endurance athletes were involved on the day.

Gerry Craig was 45th overall and 7th V40 to finish in a time of 1:20.28.  Mark Ashby was 47th overall and 3rd V50 to finish in a time of 1:20.53.

Tom Ord was 177th over the line and 14th V50 in a time of 1:31.24 and  Chris Sheridan was 197th overall in a time of 1:32.21.

Some good individual performances.

Dunky Wright 5kClair McCracken

The annual race was once again held at the Playdrome in Clydebank on Saturday the 20th of March.  Five VP-Glasgow athletes were involved on the day.

Ethan Sloan-Dennison was 19th overall and 2nd U20 in a time of 16:52.  Claire McCracken was 44th overall and 8th Lady to finish in a time of 18:57.

Ralph Connolly was 47th overall and 7th V40 in a time of 19:22.

Kenny McVey was 70th to finish and 3rd V60 in a time of 20:33 and Rab Daly was 80th overall and 6th V60 in a time of 22:26.

Well done to everyone who took part.

Jax ThoirsJax Thoirs

U20 pole vault champion and Club record holder Jax Thoirs, coached by Brian Donaldson, has been named in the first wave of UKA selections for the European Youth Olympic Trials team to compete in Moscow 21-23 May.

The trials in Russia give young athletes the chance to experience an international multi sport games and compete at the highest level of their age group ahead of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games being held in Singapore in August .

We wish Jax the best of luck and will keep everyone informed of his progress.

Training New HoodieTop

Samples of the Nike Hoodie have arrived and will be considered by the Committee at their monthly meeting on Monday the 19th. 

Pictures are available on the Message Board and your opinions should be posted there.

The hoodies have the Club logo on the right arm, the Achilles Heel logo on the left breast and VP-Glasgow on the back.

The expected cost to the athletes is likely to be £18.00 for U13's and £23.00 for older athletes.

Club Road Race

The last of this seasons Club Road Races was held on Thursday the 25th of March.  The winner of the Juvenile Race was Ethan Sloan Dennison who completed the 2 mile course in an excellent time of 9 minutes 14 seconds.

The winner of the Senior race was Chris Sheridan who completed the 5 mile course in a time of 34:00.  Well done once again to everyone who turned out and took part.

Pos Name Age M/F Time Ethan Sloan Dennison
1st Ethan Sloan Dennison U17 M 09:14
2nd Craig Young U15 M 09:48
3rd Marc Rooney U15 M 10:15
4th Paul MacFarlane U17 M 10:25
5th Andrew McCormack U15 M 10:27
6th Kieran Rafferty U15 M 10:37
7th Liam Turner U13 M 10:56
8th Calum McCormack U13 M 11:18
9th Jack Moreland U15 M 11:20
10th Maria Milliken U15 F 11:24  
11th Rachel Dick U15 F 11:52  
12th Holly Little U11 F 12:09 Marc Rooney
13th Robyn Connolly U11 F 12:09
14th Raphael Lanneta U17 M 12:39
15th Iona Wilson U15 F 12:48
16th Emma Ferrie U13 F 12:51
17th Ellie Hutchison U13 F 13:07
18th Cari Kiddie U11 F 13:44
19th Iona Staniforth U13 F 14:27
20th Caroline McKinnon U13 F 14:27
21st Sarah Robshaw U13 F 14:29
22nd Nicole Waters U11 F 14:33
23rd Kyle Wilson U13 M 15:24  
24th Yvonne Mathers U13 F 15:31  
25th Toni Allan U11 F 16:37 Maria Milliken
26th Thomas Connolly U11 M 17:04
27th Lauren O'Hara U11 F 18:07
28th Anna McCabe U11 F 18:25
29th Martha Mack U13 F 19:01
Pos Name Age M/F Time
1st Chris Sheridan Sen M 34:00
2nd Tom Ord M50 M 34:24
3rd Ken McVey M60 M 36:04
4th Ralph Connolly M45 M 38:22  
5th Rab Daly M64 M 39:08  

Bag Packing

CongratulationsAsda to Linda and her team on raising £1,142 by bag packing at Asda in Bearsden on Saturday the 27th of March.

There was once again a good turnout from the Club with about 25 taking part on the day.  Members of the public and the staff commented on the good behaviour of our team.

Well done to everyone who took part.  All of the money raised will go towards the purchase of new Club Kit which will be discounted and sold to our members.

Message Board

As you can see, I've had to replace the old message board. Unfortunately the company that maintained the old board have disappeared and we had no other option than to replace it.

I was particularly disappointed that we can no longer access our old messages. There was some highs and lows recorded there, from Chris Baillie winning Silver at the Commonwealth Games in 2006 to the death last year of John Innes.

Hopefully this new Forum will be as well used as the last and I'm sure we'll have plenty of interesting news to share.

At this point in time, we are only allowing posts from registered users. It really only takes a minute to register and you don't have to be a member of the Club.

Cheers,  Gordon.

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