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VPAAC Trophy Awards - September 2005

The following trophies will be presented at the Half Yearly meeting on Wednesday 22nd September at 1930 hrs within the Pavilion at Scotstoun.  Please come along to support the winners.

Medals will also be presented for the first three places in the Club Championships and Gift Vouchers will be presented to the following individuals who participated in the most events at the four SYAL and three CSAL meetings.

U11 Girls - Rosie Thoirs,  U13 Girls - Alison Innes and Caitlin Welsh tied,  U15 Girls - Emma Mills,  U17 Ladies - Katie Riches,  U11 Boys - Robbie Pollock,  U13 Boys - Jax Thoirs,  U15 Boys - Lorn Menzies and Rory Stewart tied and U17 Men - Chris Hayes.

Jubilee Trophy Most Outstanding Performance Chris Bailie
Alan Ballantyne U20 men Neale Kelly
Wallace Crawford Memorial   Calum Innes
Bob Johnston U13 - U17 David Martin
Jim Bailie Youth U17 men Chris Bennet
Veterans   Derek Watson Snr
Horn Trophy 9 - 13 boys Jax Thoirs
Cascarina Shield 10K + Gordon Moore
Bill Armour U15 boys Calum Innes
George Munro Handicap   Steven Beattie - Charlie Murray
Berry 400 Senior Men David Rodger
Jim Baillie Sprints David Rodger
Founder Members Most Meritorious Performance Sara Whigham
Alan Paterson (Field) Alison Rodger
Captains Rose Bowl Middle Distance Abbey McGhee
Jim Todd U11 girls No Award
McGowans U13 girls Alison Innes
McCracken U15 girls No Award
Baker Sound U17 women Abbey McGhee
CMT Senior women Sara Whigham


Fixture List 2005 - 06

The fixture list has been updated at the following link.


Senior Men - Revised Result

One of the score sheets was temporarily misplaced.  The return of this sheet affected the final positions of the Senior Mens competition.

The changes are now reflected accurately in the table below.

Club Championships - Scotstoun - 18 September 2005

VPAAC 18.9.2005, click here to see a larger image.The Club Championships came to a conclusion today with many new PB's being achieved.  This was likely to be the last meeting in the current Stadium with the old stand due to be demolished in February 2006.

The meeting coincides with the Club's upcoming 75th Birthday celebrations.  We were able to update the Club photograph which is shown here and one from the early 1950's shown below.  I think that Charlie Murray is the only Athlete to appear in both.  Click on the images to see a larger version.

The results of the Club Championships are as follows:

U11 Pts: U13 Pts:
Girls Girls
1st Rosie Thoirs 39 1st Sarah Gray 100
2nd Eve McAlpine 37 2nd Caitlin Welsh 89
3rd Oyiza Fakunle Momoh 33 3rd Alison Innes 87


U15   Pts:   U17   Pts:
Girls       Ladies    
1st Emma D Mills 76   1st Aisling McGhee 164
2nd Maria Hayes 69   2nd Rebecca Riches 153
3rd Corrine McConnachie 40   3rd Abbey McGhee 145


U11   Pts: Click here to see a larger image.
1st Max Aitchison 85
2nd Steven Thistleton 70
3rd Robbie Pollock 61
This is how the Club looked in the early 1950's at Scotstoun.
U13   Pts:   U15   Pts:
Boys       Boys    
1st Jonathan Byrne - Leitch 135   1st Calum Innes 217
2nd Paul MacFarlane 102   2nd Gregor Innes 208
3rd Lewis Wilson 96   3rd Lorn Menzies 160


U17   Pts:   Senior   Pts:
Men       Ladies    
1st David Martin 315   1st Alison Rodger 154
2nd Steven Beattie 254   2nd    
3rd Martin Hayes 229   3rd    


Senior (Revised)  
1st David Rodger 248
2nd Liam Milligan U20 208
3rd Charlie Murray 203

Congratulations to the winners and everyone who took part in the Championships. 


Scotstoun Stadium

The latest news about Scotstoun from a meeting Ronnie Stevenson had with Glasgow City Council is that they plan to begin work on the new Scotstoun Stadium in early 2006, about six months later than they originally intended. 

Scotstoun StadiumGlasgow City Council will sign separate agreements with the Scottish Rugby Union and Glasgow Athletics, hopefully offering the same sort of access as was 'agreed' before with rugby.  GCC will maintain the new Scotstoun.  

They are trying, with a clear expectation they will succeed, to maintain the same design as before although the north stand may go.

They hope to offer us (Glasgow Athletics) a draft heads of agreement by the end of October.


Results for the Club Championships 2005

U11 Girls 800 metres
1st Rosie Thoirs 3-24.04 4th Eve McAlpine 3-45.45
2nd Fiona Pollock 3-27.54 5th Danielle McLelland 4-19.86
3rd Iona Wilson 3-31.13 6th Oyiza Momoh 5-03.58
U13 Girls 800 metres
1st Sarah Gray 2-54.16 8th Rowan Johnstone 3-28.67
2nd Kaitlin Welsh 2-54.48 9th Eilidh Watson 3-40.64
3rd Deborah Allen 3-02.57 10th Helen Whitehill 3-40.64
4th Rebecca Goldie 3-02.92 11th Pamela Sandford 3-42.82
5th Eve McQuarrie 3-02.92 12th Aimee McFarlane 3-53.57
6th Abby Marshall 3-09.29 13th Katie Hellier 3-53.57
7th Alison Innes 3-12.02 14th
U15 Girls 800 metres
1st Maria Hayes 3-13.16 2nd
U17 Girls 800 metres
1st Abbey McGhee 2-19.35 4th Rebecca Riches 3-17.89
2nd Aisling McGhee 2-25.76 5th
3rd Gillian Galloway 3-17.18 6th
U11 Boys 800 metres
1st Max Aitchison 2-51.23 4th Robbie Pollock 3-20.92
2nd Davis Martin 3-04.48 5th Steven Thistleton 3-40.85
3rd Robert Sandford 3-19.73 6th Austin Mackenzie 3-47.82
U13 Boys 800 metres
1st Jonathan Byrne Leitch 2-25.13 7th Keir Gallagher 3-14.83
2nd Paul McFarlane 2-43.11 8th Robin Weaver 3-15.39
3rd Lewis Wilson 2-51.04 9th Fergus Miller Kearns 3-17.45
4th Stewart Black 3-02.59 10th Jamie MacDonald 3-38.60
5th Adam Mills 3-05.00 11th James Henderson 3-48.89
6th Donald McFarlane 3-05.18
U15 Boys 800 metres
1st Gregor Innes 2-10.45 6th James Simpson 2-51.00
2nd Lorn Menzies 2-18.57 7th Gavin Murty 2-51.00
3rd Calum Innes 2-20.42 8th Mathew Zebessis 2-53.51
4th Michael Gray 2-28.07 9th
5th Jason Hamilton 2-44.42 10th
U17 Boys 800 metres
1st Martin Hayes 2-06.67 3rd Steven Beattie 2-18.42
2nd Ross Gibson 2-11.64 4th Stewart Booth 2-20.42
Mens 3000 metres
1st Ken Mitchell 10.34 3rd Duncan Thomson 10.47
2nd Drew Nicoll (V) 10.41 4th Kenny McVey (V) 11.52


Scottish and UK Rankings 2005

100 metres 3rd Chris Bailey
400 metres 4th Liam McDermid
110 metres hurdles 2nd Chris Bailey
400 metres hurdles 3rd Liam McDermid
800 metres 2nd Joanna Ross
Shot Putt 1st Alison Rodger (4th on Scottish All-Time list)
Discus 3rd Alison Rodger
British All time U17 list
300 metre Hurdles   1st   David Martin
400 metre Hurdles  6th  David Martin
U.K.2005 U17 Ranking
400 metre Hurdles 1st   David Martin
100 metre Hurdles  4th  David Martin
Scottish 2005 U20 Ranking
110 metre Hurdles  1st   Neale Kelly
100 metres  1st  Colin Severin
Scottish2005 U17 Rankings
High Jump  1st  Thomas Campbell
Pole Vault   2nd  Thomas Campbell
5th  Jamie Sinclair
200 metres  2nd David Martin
400 metres  1st  David Martin
Long Jump 3rd  Stephen Beattie
5th David Martin
Steeple Chase 2nd  Martin Hayes
Hammer  2nd Chris Bennett
100 metre Hurdles 1st  David Martin 
2nd  Stephen Beattie
400metre Hurdles 1st David Martin 
3rd Stephen Beattie
Scottish 2005 U15 Ranking
Long Jump 1st Calum Innes
2nd Cairan Kohl-Lynch
80 metre Hurdles 1st  Calum Innes
Pentathlon 1st  Calum Innes
4th Gregor Innes
Scottish 2005 U13 Ranking
200 metres 2nd Jonathan Byrne-Leitch
75 metre Hurdles  3rd Jax Thoirs
Long Jump 4th Jax Thoirs
Scottish 2005 U17 Ranking
400 metres  2nd  Aisling  McGee
800 metres 3rd Abbey McGee
1500 metres  4th Abbey McGee


Athletics Links

Ricky has compiled a list of links to the most useful and interesting web sites relating to Athletics and they can be found by following this link.



A4 Poster

Click here to download a copyScotstoun Leisure Centre have agreed to display a new poster advertising the Club Web Site.  Copies can be downloaded here if your local school, Sports Centre or other suitable location is agreeable to it's display.

Copies can also be obtained from Gordon or Linda.



McAndrew Road Relay Races

Victoria Park is once again hosting the annual McAndrew Road Relay Races on Saturday 1st October 2005 at Jordanhill.

The start time of the race is 3pm.  Registration forms, maps etc can be found here.



Half Yearly General Meeting - September 2005 

The Half-Yearly General Meeting of the Club will be held on Wednesday 28th September 2005 in the Pavilion at Scotstoun Stadium at 7.15pm for 7.30pm.  All members are invited to attend.


  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising.
  3. Secretariesí Reports
    • Ladiesí Secretary
    • Menís Secretary
  4. Treasurerís Report.
  5. Presidentís Remarks.
  6. Presentation of Track & Field Awards.
  7. Election of Committee Members
    • Menís Captain
    • Menís Vice-Captain
    • Ladiesí Captain
    • Ladiesí Vice-Captain
    • Committee members (3 in number)
  8. Appointment of Team Managers for Indoor League (essential to allow teams to compete)
  9. Discussion regarding the future development of the Club.
  10. Any other competent business.

You are reminded that anyone whose subscription is not paid has no voting rights at any General Meeting of the Club



Coach License Renewals Sought

ALL UKA Coaches should be aware that the opportunity for Coach Licence Renewal is rapidly drawing to a close.

In Scotland, many coaches may already be operating on 'borrowed time' and need to take action immediately to ensure their coach licence is renewed and that their UKA insurance is valid.

Information was sent to all Scottish based coaches earlier in 2005 along with the UKA Coaching Newsletter requesting submission of a copy of the appropriately completed section from their Coaching Pass in the April to June time frame to facilitate licence renewal.

Coaches may be exempted from this process if they have attended a UKA Coach Education Course since 30th April 2003 to progress up a level or across a level.

To date, however, many coaches to whom this exemption does not apply, have not returned this important information from their pass books.

scottishathletics need to know who is actively involved in coaching in our country and also to ensure that all active coaches are appropriately qualified and insured.

If this means you, then please take action now and return your completed paperwork to Anne Stewart (Regional Education and Training Administrator) in the scottishathletics office.

If you have any questions please contact Anne on 0870 145 1511 or email  anne.stewart@scottishathletics.org.uk

Please remember, if you do not renew, your licence may not be valid and you will not be insured. This may also prevent you accessing athletics facilities as a coach.



Club Championships 2005

Niall Murray at ScotstounAll members are invited to attend and take part in the Club Championships which will take place at Scotstoun Stadium on Sunday 18th September 2005

The various events will begin at 12.30pm and are scheduled to finish before 4.30pm.  Athletes should register for their events with the Officials on the day. 

The only events missing from what would be a full programme are the Steeplechase, 400m Hurdles and the Pole Vault. 

There will be events for every age group from U11 to Seniors.   

Every athlete can take part in a number of events with the points won in their best 5 events going to their total for the Championship. 

The winners will receive their presentation at the Ĺ Yearly General Meeting of the club on Wednesday 28th September 2005. 

We would like to see a good turnout on this occasion in support of all of our Athletes.



Chris Bennett - From the Scottish Athletics Web Site

Chris Bennett with the Grand Prix trophyTHE 2005 POWERADE HAMMER GRAND PRIX came to an exciting climax at Grangemouth Stadium at the weekend with several personal best performances highlighting a successful inaugural year for the development competition.

30 throwers took part in Sundayís fourth and final event of the nationwide contest that began in Inverness in April with 23 participants from under 13 age groups upwards.

There was also a special prize for Chris Bennett (Victoria Park) who was awarded the Alan Bertram Trophy by George and Lesley Loney, who along with Bertram, have been the driving forces behind the initiative.

Chris Bennett picked up the handsome trophy as the athlete who was deemed to have demonstrated admirable commitment, potential and improvement throughout the series. Jasmine Bunting (Border) also picked up a special award from the officials to acknowledge her competitive spirit during the series.

Follow this link to read the full article.


Results from Crownpoint open graded 30th August

Michael 4-55.3
Abbey 4-54.0
Lee 4-54.3


  100m   200m
Calum 12.3   26
Gregor 12.8   X
Lorn 12.9   26.1
Rebecca 13   27.1
Gillian 13.1   27.4
Jonnie 13.3   26.6
Aisling 13.5   26.7
Katie 13.7   29.1
Moira 13.8   28.6
Liam 12.1   25.5
Stewart Booth X   27.1



Junior Relay Championships - Scotstoun 28th August

The U15 Boys were second in the 4x100m relay final.Jax Thoirs takes the batton from Paul MacFarlane in the U13 Boys final

The U17 Ladies were unlucky to finish 4th in their final and the U13 Boys finished just out of the medals in 5th.


Sunday Mail - Scottish Championships - 27th and 28th August

Alison Rodger was 1st in the Shot Putt with a throw of 14.75m and 3rd in the Discus with a throw of 40.42m.

Chris Baillie was 2nd in the 110m Hurdles in a time of 13.70s

Sara Whigham was 1st in the 100m in a time of 11.63s and 2nd in the 200m in a time of 24.83s.

Joanna Ross was 3rd in the 800m in a time of 2.05.31

And Lisa Whigham was 3rd in the 400m in a time of 55.17s.



Ricky's Sprint Group

Ricky has added an end of season letter to the sprint groups web page in relation to the end of the outdoor season and new plans for the upcoming indoor events.


Coaching Workshops 

Scottish Athletics have just released details of this winters coaches education programme. This can be found at http://www.scottishathletics.org.uk/courses.php Or by phoning Anne Stewart at 0870 145 1511. 

All coaches are actively encouraged to enrol on suitable courses and move up to the next level. Funding is available from the coaching committee and should be made in writing and passed to a member of the coaching committee. Funding is also available from GADS.

If any parents are interested in being involved in coaching at any level have a chat with any of the coaches who are more than willing to help. For example due to the increase of new members we require help for our induction groups.

Throughout the winter we will be conducting our own in house coaching workshops.

It is intended to ask George Byng back down for a workshop on strength and conditioning but aimed more at coaches. If any coach, athlete or parent have any particular wishes or ideas for workshops get in touch with Graham Smith or any other coaching committee member

Details of the coaching committee can be found on this website




This week marks the start of our end of season sale, commencing at 12 noon this Friday (26th August).

Featuring in this event are: Over 250 shoes to clear at prices up to 50% off.
Core shoe lines with great offers: Mizuno Wave Exodus Support shoe, was £65 now only £44.99. The Saucony Grid Trigon Responsive (Neutral) shoe, was £70, now only £49.99. Both of these models represent a great offer on what are fantastic shoes.

We have the balance of our summer clothing lines to clear, with prices typically in the region of 33% off, as well as some great specials, such as 33% off Goretex jackets, down to only £85 and Gore Windstopper Jackets for only £60, saving 30% on retail. We also have offers on core Nike and Ronhill ladies and mens running clothing, saving up to 30%.


Tiso Glasgow Outdoor Experience
50 Couper Street
G4 0DL

0141 559 5450


Bank Of Scotland Championships - Grangemouth - 20th and 21st August 2005

All of the results from Grangemouth are recorded here on two pdf files.  Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st.

There was a good turnout of Athletes representing Victoria Park at the Championships in Grangemouth.  Many returned home with medals and many more with new PB's.  I've only had time to list the medal winners, in no particular order.

Steven Beattie - winner of 3 medalsSteven Beattie was 2nd in the U17 400m Hurdles in a time of 59.45, was 2nd in the U17 100m Hurdles in a time of 14.08 and was 3rd in the U17 High Jump with a distance of 1.75m

Jax Thoirs was 3rd in the U13 75m Hurdles in a time of 13.11 and was 2nd in the U13 Long Jump in a distance of 4.64m

Jonathan Byrne Leitch was 2nd in the U13 200m in a time of 26.03

Calum Innes was 1st in the U15 80m Hurdles in a time of 12.18 and was 1st in the U15 Long Jump with a distance of 5.83

Abbey McGhee was 3rd in the U17 800m in a time of 2.14.83

Martin Hayes was 2nd in the U17 1500m Steeplechase in a time of 4.34.06

Chris Bennett with another medal for his collectionChristopher Bennett was 2nd in the U17 Hammer with a throw of 49.55m and -

Jamie Sinclair was 3rd in the U17 Pole Vault with a height of 3.20m

Congratulations to all of our athletes who represented the Club at Grangemouth.



Crownpoint - Open Graded Meetings - 23rd and 30th August

Shettleston Harriers are hosting two Open Graded meetings at Crownpoint on Tuesday 23rd and Tuesday 30th August.  There are no field facilities and as a result, this will be for track events only.

Ricky has asked that all sprinters compete in the 100m and 200m on Tuesday 30th of August.

For more information, follow this link.


AAA Under 17 and Under 15 Championships - 13th and 14th August

All of the results from the AAA U17 and U15 Championships at Birmingham are recorded here in a pdf file.


Scottish Relay Championships - Scotstoun - Sunday 28th August

Ricky is still looking for volunteers to compete in the two Ladies U17 Relay teams that have been entered for the above event.


Victoria Park - 3rd in League

For the second year running we finished 3rd in the Scottish Men's League, taking fourth place in the final match at Ayr on 7th August.

We were missing several key runners on the track, but our field events scuppered all the opposition to finish well on top.

It's always good when an athlete posts a new personal best; so congratulations to Craig Shields, 2nd in the triple jump with 12.89m, and Gerry Farrell, winner of the B hammer with 30.75m.

Our top performer was Derek Watson Jnr, 2nd in the 800m (1:53:7) and first in the 1500m (4:07:5), both very exciting races.

Well done to the rest of the team for a plucky effort; Liam Milligan (making his league debut), Charlie Murray, Derek Watson Snr, Ken Mitchell, Scott Hone, Steven Beattie, Mathew Harvie and Craig Loney.

And don't forget our top officials, Hugh and Sheila Baillie for helping out as usual, organising the field events at the meeting.

Hugh Stevenson



AAA's Birmingham - 13th +14th AugustDavid Martin

Scottish Athletes Won Seven Medals at the AAAs U17/U15 Championships which were held in Birmingham at the weekend.

David Martin (Victoria Park) continued his fine form by taking U17 400m hurdles gold in 53.11.

Congratulations David.


CSSL Division 3 Meeting at Scotstoun - 14th August

Calum InnesA tremendous effort by all of the Victoria Park athletes on the day wasn't enough to win promotion to Division 2.  A great day was only slightly spoiled in the end by our failure by one point to win promotion.

Our relay teams were in great form and should give everyone confidence for the upcoming relay championships at Scotstoun.

Two excellent individual performances were achieved by Calum Innes and Jonathan Byrne Leitch.

Calum jumped 6.08m in the U15 Long Jump, 2 cm further than the current Scottish Age Group Record.  Unfortunately for Calum, there was no wind gauge in operation and subsequently his jump will not be recorded.

Jonathan equalled the CSSL League record with a time of 26.4 in the U13 200m.


Bank Of Scotland - Athlete Development Camp - 15th and 16th October

The Bank Of Scotland is once again running a Development Camp at Grangemouth Stadium on the above dates.

It is open to current U17's:

  • who have achieved the pre required eligibility standard - grade 3 AAA Matrix.  (see your Coach for clarification), 
  • are not yet part of the Bank Of Scotland squad.

It is also open to two U15's from each Club:

  • who are not yet part of the Bank Of Scotland squad,
  • who are keen to learn, enthusiastic and committed.

Gordon Innes has application forms.



Celtic Games - Carmarthen, Wales

SCOTLAND SCOOPED four of the seven available trophies at the Celtic Games in Carmarthan, Wales at the weekend, including the most important one of all to mark overall victory.

Every single contribution from every team member was crucial in the final analysis, which saw the Welsh team pipped by just three points.

The final standings were: Scotland 169, Wales 166, Ireland 136 and Ulster 121. Scotland also took home the prizes for the male overall, male under17s and female under 15s classes. There were many outstanding performances, with Peter Holmes, James Campbell, David Martin and Allan McKay being particularly notable.The winning Scottish team

Holmes set a brand new championship best performance by winning with M17 hammer in 58.32. in the javelin, Campbell reached similar heights by landing his spear at a monstrous mark of 70.67.

Martin and McKay meanwhile both bagged notable doubles. The former in the M17 100m hurdles and 400m hurdles, whilst McKay matched the feat in the M15 shot and discus.

VPAAC was represented by David Martin and Thomas Campbell at U17 and Calum Innes at U15.


Scottish Women's League - Grangemouth

On Sunday 7th August Team West, with eight VP athletes competing, won the Scottish Women's League for the second time.

Over the summer, the following athletes made valuable contributions to the success of the team:
Alison Innes, Amy Davis, Nisha Kohli-Lynch, Rebecca Riches, Katie Riches, Gillian Galloway, Abbey McGhee, Aisling McGhee, Melanie Rankin, Sara Whigham, Lisa Whigham, Joanna Ross, Alison Rodger and Catriona Donald.
Well done and a big thank you to all the athletes and their coaches.

All the results from Grangemouth are recorded here.


Kate Whigham


Norwich Union International - 6th August 2005

Alison Rodger and Sara Whigham represented GB u-23 in Manchester on 6th August in a competition against France, Spain and the Czech Republic. Sara Whigham

Alison finished 5th in SP with 14.32m and 6th in DT with 40.22m.  Sara won the invitation 100m in 12.28s and ran the third leg of the 4x100m which finished first in 45.39s. GB finished second in the match, seven points behind France.



Committee Meeting - 22nd August 2005

Our next Committee Meeting will be at 7.30pm on Monday 22nd August.

The venue will be the Hillhead Sports Club, Hughenden.


Pitreavie - Young Athletes Meeting - 11th September 2005

A good meeting to bring the season to a close.  This will be the 14th annual Young Athletes Trophy Meeting at Pitreavie. 

The closing date for entries will be the 20th of August.

You can download the application form here.


GB Selection

Alison Rodger has been named in the Norwich Union Great Britain and Northern Ireland Team for the Norwich Union Under 23 International against the Czech Republic, France and Spain at the Manchester Regional Arena, Sportcity, on Saturday 6 August.

Alison Rodger


Sports Psychology and Lifestyle Adviser

Mary McClung came along on Tuesday 26th of July to give a talk on the training requirements, mindset and lifestyle needed to compete at the top level in athletics. 

The session went very well with 20+ athletes coaches and parents in attendance.

Mary began with a run down on her introduction to athletics through her early teens and on to her experiences as an American University athlete and GB International. She emphasised the need for the quality and quantity of training that it took to attain the highest levels and the Time Management skills to fit everything into a full time or part time job, academic career, or training as a full time athlete.


I think it was a wake up call to some of our young athletes when she said that a 16 she was training twice a day for at least three days in a six day training week, but she felt that this was what was needed to make it at the highest level.

Mary went on to speak about lifestyle choices and about her own errors of judgement when making career decisions, and to be quite sure of which path you decide to follow should you wish to pursue a future in athletics at an International level.

The evening concluded with a question and answer session with Mary replying to questions from parents coaches and athletes.

My intention is to bring Mary back for a further evening later in the year to discuss visualisation and race planning.  

My thanks to all who attended.

Graham Smith


Young Athletes League - Final - 31st August 2005

Victoria Park finished 5th overall.  All of the results are recorded on this excel spreadsheet.

Club Championships - Sunday 18th September

The Club Championships will now take place at Scotstoun on the above date.  Further details will be posted here in the near future.

Dunbartonshire AAA - 17.7.05

All of the results from the Dunbartonshire Championship are recorded on this excel spreadsheet.

Sarah Gray ahead of Alison Innes in the 100m


Sports Psychology and Lifestyle Adviser

Graham Smith has invited one of his athletes (Mary McClung) along on Tuesday 26th of July at 6:54pm for 30-45 mins prior to training.  Mary is a sports psychologist and lifestyle adviser for the Sports Institute and a former International athlete . Graham intends to present a topic in view of the Olympics in 2012 to any U17 athletes and interested coaches, the training requirement and lifestyle needed to compete at the top level.

Mary came from a small provincial club (JW Kilmarnock) through the American University system to the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.  Mary completed her Masters in Sports Psychology under Dave Collins (UKA Performance Director) in Edinburgh, and Graham believes she has a lot to offer any young athlete or coach with ambition.



Dunbartonshire AAA Track and Field Championships - Sunday 17th July 2005.

The above Championships will begin at 12 noon on the 17th at Linwood Sports Centre.  Declarations are from 11am to 1145am.

You can download a copy of the entry form from this link: Entry Form

My apologies for this information being late.  Because of my holidays and G8 I have been home for only one night in the last three weeks.



Youth Athletes League - Dumfries

Congratulations to the boys team that competed at Dumfries and qualified for the YAL Final on the 31st July, the teams that have qualified are as follows;


Girls                                                                           Boys

Edinburgh Woolen Mill                                                 Shettleston

City Of Glasgow                                                          City Of Edinburgh

Kilbarchan                                                                  Giffnock North

Giffnock North                                                             Kilbarchan

City Of Edinburgh                                                        Clydesdale

Falkirk Victoria                                                            Victoria Park.








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