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Open Graded - Crownpoint

The Intermediate Group and the Middle Distance Group will be attending the below Open Graded meeting on Tuesday evening.  Throws training wlll remain at Scotstoun for anyone interested.




Crownpoint Road, Glasgow

Long jump pools will be decided on the night to accommodate  athletes doing other events

                                Sprinters please note – No stadium starting blocks

 Tuesday  23rd  August 2011

            6.45 p.m.                   100m

            7:00 p.m                 800m            Long jump A

            7:00 p.m                 Shot              Sen/U20

            7:30 p.m.   Derek McLean Trophy  (heats)

            7.45 p.m.                   200m A         Long jump B

            7:45 p.m                 Shot              U13/U15/U17

            8:00 p.m.   Alex Naylor Memorial Endurance Trophy  3000m A Race (cash prizes)

            8.20 p.m.                   200m B         Long jump B







UKWAL Match 3 Grangemouth  7 August
A magnificent effort  in the final match this year, at a very wet Grangemouth,  saw our Senior Women’s team win the match outright and along with Wigan will be promoted to Division One for next season. Chloe Lambert Surprisingly the challenge didn’t come from Harrow or Havering Mayesbrook, it came from City of Portsmouth but we managed in the end to beat them by over 20 points. Overall we had five A String wins, eight B string wins and a second and a first in the relays. There was one PB.  In the B string 800m where Erin McIlveen took over a second off her previous best when winning her race in 2: 13.57.
Our sprinters again contributed good points.  Diane, moving down from the 400m, along with Chloe scored good points in the 100m but went better in the 200m with Chloe taking second place in the A string and Diane winning the B string.  In the 400m, Erin L and Sarah S both won their 400m races quite comfortably.    In the Hurdles Hazel and Jane were third in their races contributing valuable points and Fiona stepped down from 2000 S/C to 400mH to get us more valuable points.
Hazel and Jane were in action again together in the High Jump finishing second and third.  In the long jump Jane again was in good form coming third and  Jen came in to cover the B string. Jen also covered the triple jump where she got more valuable points. Because of the bad weather, the pole vault was moved to the indoor arena.  The rules state that the points are shared amongst the competitors so although Jen and Courtney won both the A string and B string, they didn’t get the points they deserved.  However It was a welcome return to competition for Courtney after being sidelined for a year with injury.
Our middle distance was much stronger at this match.   Aisling and Erin L  were third and first respectively in the 800m, Hollie and Rhian fourth and second in the 1500m with Sarah P winning the 3000m.  AislingErin Leggate again agreed to do the B string 3000m as her warm down and this time was third! Fiona was a good second in the Steeplechase which I think this is the best position we have ever come in this event.
Our throwers again were in good form with Rachel and Stacey winning both A and B Hammer, Michelle and Rachel winning both Shot Putt, and Stacey winning  B string Discus with Michelle in second place in the A string.   Paula and Aileen both scored well in Javelin.  In all they contributed a total of 66 points  - the maximum possible over the four events is 72.
Our 4x100 team of Jane, Sarah, Hazel and Chloe were a close second with Chloe just being caught on the line by Hayley Jones of Wigan.  The 4x400 team of Erin L, Sarah, Erin McI and Diane led from the start to finish well clear of the rest of the field.
Jane won the Points Princess tiara for her tally of 21 points and for the first time this award hasn’t gone to a thrower.  There was a lot of good performances but after much discussion it was decided to award the Athlete of the Match to Diane for her 200m victory.  The full results are available at this link.
Despite the weather and my stress levels, it was a great day and we are all looking forward to Division One completion next year.  Thanks must go to our officials; Pam, Magnus, Christine, Donald, Ricky, Alasdair, Joe, Kate, Gordon and Margaret (any anyone I have forgotten)  and to the Declaration/Results team;  Gordon, Linda, Julie, Agnes and Hugh.

Sandra Branney



Scottish Triathlon Championships
Congratulations to Scott McKay who won his age group in the Scottish Triathlon Championships on Saturday 6th Aug. Scott won the swim, dropped to 6th in the cycle and finished with an excellent run to win overall. He will now join the Scottish team for the British Triathlon Inter Regional Championships next month.
Lynn McGarry



Glasgow AthleticsGillian Black Association Metric Mile Meet

The 2nd Glasgow Milers Meet of the summer took place at Scotstoun Stadium on Friday 5th August. Highlights included PBs for the following athletes in the 1500m:
Gillian Black (U15) 4:51.43
Lewis Boyle (U17) 4:00.62
Max Aitchison (U17) 4:01.29
Fraser Glass (U15) 4:35.74
Euan Urquhart (U15) 4:37.21
Keiron Rafferty (U17) 4:42.60
Liam McKeown (U17) 4:47.34
Calum McCormack (U15) 4:51.96
Lynn McGarry



Road Race Results

Clyde Stride 40miles Road Race.
Sat. 16-7-11.
Partick to New Lanark.
Gerry Craig 7th. 2ndVet. 5hr 39min 55sec.
Mark Ashby 11th. 2ndSenVet. 5hr 52min 11sec.Ethan Sloan-Dennison

Glasgow 5k Park run.
Sat. 16-7-11.
Ethan Sloan-Dennison 1st. 1stU20. 16:30.
Christy Bloss 227th. 5thLU14. 33:50.

Glasgow 5k Park Run.
Sat. 23-7-11.
Crawford Little 14th. 2nd.V45. 18:53.
Holly Little 36th. 3rd.Lady. 1st.LU14. 20:59.

Irvine 5ml. Road Race.
Mon. 18-7-11.
Jaqui Thomson 24th. 1st.Lady. 31:37.

Glasgow 5k Park Run.
Sat. 30-7-11.
Ralph Connolly 10th. 4th.V45. 18:39.
Jaqui Thomson. 15th. 1st.Lady. 18:55.
Christy Bloss 241th. 2nd.LU14. 30:16.

Kenny McVey



Scottish Outdoor National Age Group Championships
The National Age Group Championships took place at Scotstoun Stadium over the weekend of 30th/31st July.Diane Ramsay
In the U20 women’s competition, Chloe Lambert won the 200m in 25.07s and won the 100m in 12.56s with Rachel Whittle 3rd in 13.23s. Diane Ramsay won the 400m in 57.65s and Jade Barclay was 2nd in 61.19s. Hollie Young won the 1500m in 4:34.43 and Sarah Potter was 2nd with 4:34.70. Hazel Ross won the High Jump clearing 1.70m.
In the U20 men’s competition, Andrew McFarlane won the 400m Hurdles with 55.83s and John Mulhern was 4th in 58.98s.
In the U18 women’s competition, Chloe Lambert won the 100m in 12.64s and was 2nd in the 200m with 24.93s with Rachel Whittle 4th in 25.52s. Eilidh McEvilly was 3rd in the 100m Hurdles with 14.83s and Mhairi Patience was 4th in 15.85s. Eilidh was also 2nd in the Shot Putt with 9.55m and 4th in the High Jump with 1.45m.
In the U18 men’s competition, John McCall won the 110m Hurdles in 14.37s. Max Aitchison was 3rd in the 1500m with 4:04.21 and Lewis Boyle was 4th with 4:11.04.
VP-Glasgow also won the Senior/U18 mixed 4x100m relay in 44.39s.
In the U16 girls’ competition, Katie Ord was 2nd in the Javelin with 23.66m and 4th in the Shot Putt with 9.49m. Katie Kennedy was 4th in the High Jump clearing 1.50m.
In the U16 boys’ competition, Marc Rooney was 3rd in the 800m with 2:07.95 and Jamie Robinson was 3rd in the Pole Vault clearing 2.60m.
Lynn McGarry



Scottish National Senior Championships
The Scottish National Senior Championships was held at Scotstoun Stadium over the weekend of the 16th/17th July.David Martin
In the men’s events, David Martin won the 400m Hurdles in 51.37s and Ray Bobrownicki won the High Jump clearing 2.15m. Neale Kelly was 2nd in the 110m Hurdles with 15.10s.
In the women’s events, Kirsty Yates won the Shot Putt with 13.28m. Abbey McGhee was 2nd in the 1500m with 4:20.08 and Kirsty Barr was 2nd in the Triple Jump with 10.96m. Chloe Lambert was 3rd in the 100m with 12.14s and Erin Leggate was 3rd in the 400m with 55.14s.
Lynn McGarry
U14 National Championships
The first National U14 Championships was held at Scotstoun Stadium on Saturday 16th July.
Congratulations to: Calum McCormack and Jamie MacKinnon who were 1st and 2nd in the boys 800m with PBs of 2:20.16 and 2:20.57 respectively; and to Gillian Black who was 3rd in the girls 800m with a PB of 2:27.04. Erin Crichton was 5th in the High Jump but clearing 1:35m which was equal to the 2nd place jump.
Lynn McGarry



Central and South of Scotland Athletics League
The 3rd CSSAL match took place at Scotstoun Stadium on Sunday 3rd July. VP-Glasgow finished 6th and so will remain in Division 1 for next season.
For the Senior men, Robert Frost won the 100m in 11.4s and John Mulhern was 2nd in the “B” race with 12.0s. Andy McFarlane won the 400m in 50.8s and James MacMaster won the Javelin throwing 40.10m.
 Russell Findlay
For the Senior women Ieva Klimaviciute won the Discus throwing 26.73m.
For the U17 men, Lewis Boyle won the 800m with 2:03.5 and Mark Monaghan won the Javelin throwing 30.73m. Russell Findlay was 3rd in the High Jump clearing 1.65m. Matthew Jordan was 3rd “B” in the 400m with 60.4s (Patrick Bowman 59.3s “A” race).
For the U17 women, Jenny Tsui and Eilidh McEvilly took full points in the Javelin throwing 22.59m and 18.30m respectively. Eilidh also won the High Jump clearing 1:50m and the Shot Putt with 9.11m. Danielle Beattie was 2nd in the 800m with 2:25.4 and Paige Dickson was 1st “B” with 2:31.1.
For the U15 boys, Euan Urquhart and Nathan Merchant took full points in the 400m with times of 58.5s and 63.7s respectively. Euan was also 2nd in the Long Jump with 5.09m and Patrick Clark was 1st “B” with 4.98m. Patrick also won the 100m in 12.4s and was 2nd in the High Jump clearing 1.60m. Liam Turner and Scott MacKay took full points in the 800m with 2:11.8 and 2:21.5 respectively. Scott was also 2nd “B” in the Shot Putt with 5.88m (Euan Urquhart 6.30m “A” string). The relay team of Euan Urquhart, Arron Dickson, Liam Turner and Patrick Clark won the 4x100m in 48.9s.Euan Urquhart
For the U15 girls, Emma Ferrie was 2nd “B” in the 800m with 2:37.1 (Gillian Black 2:27.6 “A” string).
For the U13 boys, Jamie MacKinnon and Adam Brady took full points in the 800m with times of 2:22.5 and 2:40.6 respectively. Adam was also 3rd “B” in the Shot Putt with 5.03m (James Stewart 6.28m “A” string). James Stewart also won the High Jump clearing 1.35m. The relay team of Jamie MacKinnon, James Stewart, Josh Cairns and Daniel Sinclair was 3rd in the 4x100m in 60.3s.
For the U13 girls, Robyn Connolly was 2nd in the 800m with 2:31.2 and Holly Little was 1st “B” with 2:34.4.
For the U11 boys, Rohan Swadi was 3rd in the “A” 80m with 12.2s.
For the U11 girls, Amy Bissett and Monica Blair took full points in the 600m with times of 1:57.7 and 2:05.9 respectively. Nerea Rodero was 3rd in the “A” 80m with 12.7s and Adrienne Murray was 3rd in the “B” race with 13.2s. The 4x100m relay
team of Monica Blair, Sophie Jordan, Adrienne Murray and Amy Bissett was 2nd in 65.4s.
Lynn McGarry



Road Running

Calderglen 3k.Trail Race.
Friday 24-6-11.
East Kilbride.
Callum McCormack 15th. 1stU13. 12:51.Jaqui Thompson

Brian Goodwin 10k.
Friday 24-6-11.
Pollok Park.
Jaqui Thompson 27th. 1stLady. 38:32.

Strathclyde 5k. Park Run.
Saturday 25-6-11.
Ralph Connolly 4th. 2ndV45. 18:36. (PB).

Dunfermline Half Marathon.
Sunday 26-6-11.
Susan Partrage 11th. 1stLady. 1:16.26.
Clair Thompson 74th. 1:32.54.
Barry Stewart 95th. !:36.16.
Susan Finch 96th. 1:36.38.
2nd. Team.
Scottish H.M. Championships.
S.Partrage. C.Thompson. S.Finch.

European Triathlon Championships.Susan Partridge
Marc Austin 13th. (1st. GB.)
12th. Fastest5k. Leg 17:05.

SVHC. 5k. Championships.
Wednesday 29-6-11.
Alex Potter 9th. 5thV50. 18:11.
Jaqui Thomson 11th. 2nd.LV45. 18:27.
Joe Doyle 16th. 3rdV55. 19:11.
Kenny McVey 27th. 2ndV60. 20:44.

Glasgow 5k. Park Run.
Saturday 2-7-11.
Ralph Connolly 9th. 2ndV45. 18:28. (PB).
Jaqui Thomson 13th. 1stLady. 18:46 (PB).

Kenny McVey



UKWAL  Wigan 3 July
Despite having been woken by the hotel fire alarm twice on Saturday night, our Women’s UK league excelled themselves on Sunday by finishing second in the match and raising our overall position to third.  One of the highlights was Rachel’s PB in the Hammer but everyone will remember it as the Chloe Lambertday Chloe beat Jenny Meadows in the 200m

Our Sprint Squad were superb with Chloe and Caroline getting us second place in the A and B string  100m and then both going one place better by winning their 200m races with Chloe beating the home club’s Jenny Meadows.    In the A string 400m, Erin also lined up against Jenny Meadows and not only finished a close second,  was closing her down in the last 50m.  Sarah had a very strong run to win the B string.  Jane was our only representative in the hurdles and had a good run to finish seventh.

Because of call-offs and injury, our jumps squad was a bit depleted but we still managed good points with Jane and Elayne second and fifth in the Long Jump, Elayne and Jen sixth and fourth in the Triple Jump, Jane and Kirsty sixth and third in the High Jump and Jen second in the Pole Vault.

We weren’t able to cover all middle distance events but did score very good points with Asiling and Rhian first and second in the 800m and two second places courtesy of Hollie and Rhian in the 1500m.  Aisling volunteered to do her warm down in the 3000m (in her trainers) and was a respectable fifth – thanks Aisling.

As usual , Rachel Hunterour thrower were brilliant contributing 62 points to our overall total.   Rachel and Stacey won A and B string Hammer as did Kirsty and Rachel in the Shot.  Stacey and Claire were third and first in the Discus with Aileen and Elayne second and third in the Javelin.
With so many good sprinters no-one could touch us in the 4x100 relay where we led the whole way.  The Wigan challenge never materialised in the 4x400.  Aisling led us off coming home just behind the City of Portsmouth runner. Sarah brought us up to first place and handed over to Hollie.  City of Portsmouth just had the edge when Erin took over but she stormed round and brought the team home with a comfortable three second lead over Portsmouth.

It was a great day with some exceptional performances. Full results are here.  Rachel won the ‘Points Princess’ tiara for her two event maximum score of 18 and Chloe won the Athlete of the Match for her amazing win in the 200m.  Thanks to the officials; Ann, Bob, Pam, Magnus, Liz and Donald who contributed 20 ‘officials’ points to our total.  The result has put us back in contention for promotion. All  we have to beat both  Harrow and Havering Mayersbrook at Grangemouth next month.   We can do it.

Sandra Branney



Young Athletes League
The third and final match of the Young Athletes League took place at Grangemouth Stadium on Sunday 26th June. VP-GlasgowJohn McCall came 7th in the match and 7th in the League.
For the U17 women, Eilidh McEvilly won both the 80m Hurdles, in 12.61s, and the High Jump clearing 1.60m and came 3rd in the Long Jump with 4.73m. Megan Heafey was 3rd in the Javelin, throwing 21.51m.
For the U17 men, John McCall was 1st in the 100m Hurdles with 13.98s (Grade 2 performance) and Patrick Bowman was 3rd in the “B” race with 18.40s. John was also 2nd in the 200m with 23.62s and Patrick was also 2nd “B” in the Long Jump clearing 5.31m (Michael Murray 5.33m “A” String). Lewis Boyle was 2nd in the 800m with 2:03.51.
In the U15 girls, Katie Kennedy won the High Jump clearing 1.51m (Grade 2 performance) and Mariana Denton was 2nd “B” with 1.40m. Gillian Black was 3rd in the 800m with 5:05.16 and Anya Morrison was 1st “B” in 5:20.31. Lauren Murray was 3rd in the “B” 200m with 29.43s (Sophie Coghill 28.82s “A” race).
For the U15 boys,Robyn Connolly Patrick Clark was 2nd in the High Jump clearing 1.60m and 3rd in the “A” 100m with 12.52s. Scott MacKay was 3rd “A” in the 1500m with 4:44.41 and Craig Jardine was 3rd “B” with 4:52.08. Liam Turner was 3rd in the “A” 400m with 57.91s. Liam was also 3rd in the 800m with 2:10.93 and Euan Urquhart was 1st “B” in 2:13.22. Calum Wray was 3rd in the “A” in the 80m Hurdles with 14.00s
In the U13girls, Robyn Connolly was 3rd in the 800m with 2:28.00 (Grade 1 performance).
For the U13 boys, James Stewart was 1st in the “B” 75m Hurdles with 14.50s and 3rd “B” in the Long Jump with 3.84m (Daniel Sinclair 4.04m “A” String). Ewan Rae was 2nd “B” in the 1500m with 5:17.11 (Aidan Johnson 5:06.94 “A” String). Adam Brady was 3rd “B” in the 800m with 2:44.06 (Andrew Moreland 2:34.95 “A” string).
Lynn McGarry


Alan Sisson Dunbar

Athlete, broadcaster and journalist;

Born: February 26, 1934; Died: July 1, 2011.

Alan Dunbar, who has died aged 77 after a long illness, was a former athlete and drama lecturer who went on to become a successful journalist and broadcaster.

He was a man of many parts and sometimes conflicting roles. Luminaries from all realms of his life were present at his self-planned funeral at an Edinburgh hotel, the first ever held there, and heard tributes from family, to whom he was devoted, and former colleagues.1957 4 x 110 Relay Champions, from the left, Ronnie Whitelock, Bobby Quinn, John McIsaac and Alan Dunbar.

Winner of the Scottish 100 yards title in 1955 and 1956 after earning his full blue at Glasgow University in 1954, Mr Dunbar had an unorthodox “flappy” arm action which was certainly eye-catching but for whatever reason, possibly his bad luck with muscle injuries, he was still overlooked for the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games by the British selectors.

Mr Dunbar even defied the head of drama at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama to run in the Scottish Championships in 1955 when the college graduation clashed with the event.

Originally from Stranraer, where he won the Scottish junior 100 yards titles in 1951 and 1952, the year he also captured the AAA junior crown, Mr Dunbar went on to represent Scotland in the 1958 Empire Games in Cardiff, winning his first round heat before going out in the second round.

A member for many years of the legendary sprint team of Glasgow club Victoria Park AC, who monopolised the Scottish 4x100 metres relay championship throughout the 1950s, he amassed trophies galore. Yet he was certainly not someone who let his running do the talking.

In 1957 he withdrew from the final of the national 220 yards at New Meadowbank in Edinburgh (the forerunner of the 1970 Commonwealth Games stadium) in protest at the condition of the then cinder track and he later organised an unsuccessful petition, backed by abound 50 athletes, against further use of the venue for Scottish championships.  No wonder one headline described him as the “Stormy Petrel of the Track”.

His1958 4 x 110 Relay Champions, Graham Turner, Alan Dunbar, Ian Halliday and Alistair Ballantyne. transition to broadcaster and sportswriter was a natural one when he hung up his spikes in 1961 and became the voice of athletics on Radio Clyde and the scourge of the Scottish selectors as a fearless and regular contributor to the Evening Citizen and The Scotsman.

Mr Dunbar was one of a loyal and dwindling band of reporters who covered the sport week in, week out, no matter the weather and even when illness severely hampered his mobility.

In tandem with his media work, he also continued his career in drama, lecturing at Langside College in Glasgow from 1956 to 1963 and, until 1971, at the city’s Central College of Commerce.

Moving to Edinburgh he changed to communication at the then Napier College and eight years later became a much esteemed senior lecturer in communication at Queen Margaret College, a post he held for the next 10 years.

A period of illness persuaded him to retire but he soon began branching out, accepting an invitation to become a guest director at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  For the next 20 years he was a permanent member of staff of Edinburgh Acting School, directing many shows with, according to principal Anna Finline, “great enthusiasm, expertise and intellect”.

It was typical of the man that he directed his final stage exit.

He is survived by Margaret, his wife of over 50 years; two daughters, Stephanie and Sara; two sons, Jonathan and Alan; and two granddaughters Georgia and Bryony. 



Scottish Athletics League
The third match out of four in the “Men’s League” took place on Sunday 19th June at Scotstoun Stadium. VP-Glasgow’s men finished a comfortable 4th in the match and stand 4th in the League overall. Jax Thoirs
John McCafferty won the Discus with 40.53m and the Hammer with 38.16m and was 2nd in the Shot with an equal 1st putt of 11.62m.

There were full points in the Pole Vault with Jax Thoirs clearing 4.00m to win and Sam Adams clearing 3.60m to win the “B” string; and more full points in the 400m Hurdles which David Martin won in 52.13s and Martin Hayes was 1st “B” in 58.39s. David was also 3rd in the 200m in 21.64s and Martin was also 3rd in the 3000m Steeple Chase in 9:52.82 whilst Ethan Sloan-Dennison was 2nd “B” in 10:09.93. Robert Frost was 3rd “A” in the 100m with 11.22s. Steven Beattie was 3rd in the 110m Hurdles in 16.44s, 3rd “A” in the Long Jump clearing 6.21m and 2nd “B” in the Discus with 25.93m.

Sean Fontana was 3rd “B” in the 1500m with 4:15.87 (Derek Gibb 4:09.14 “A” string). Sean was also 3rd “B” in the 800m with 1:58.88 (Allan Ramsay 1:57.17 “A” string). Andrew Torrie was 3rd “B” in the Javelin with 34.89m (James MacMaster 41.83m “A” string).
The relay team of Allan Ramsay, Sean Fontana, Derek Gibb and David Martin was 2nd in the 4 x 400m in 3:25.75.
Lynn McGarry



Glasgow Athletics Association Metric Mile Meet
The Glasgow Milers Meet took place at Scotstoun on Friday 17th June. The purpose of this series of meetings is to provide paced races at a range of levels to help athletes achieve PBs and indeed there were some impressive PBs produced by VP-Glasgow athletes:
In the 800m:Liam Turner
Max Aitchison (U17) 1:56.35
Lewis Boyle (U17) 1:59.95
Marc Rooney (U17) 2:05.12
Josephine Moultrie (U23) 2:07.31
Liam Turner (U15) 2:07.91
Euan Urquhart (U15) 2:12.70
Fraser Glass (U15) 2:13.96
Kieron Rafferty (U17) 2:15.43
Craig Jardine (U15) 2:21.15
Anya Morrison (U15) 2:31.27
Melanie Chiswell (U15) 2:31.86
In the 3000m:
Ben Stafford (U20) 9:22.97
There was also a SB for Sean Fontana of 1:58.01 in the 800m, and for Sarah Potter (U20) another sub10 in the 3000m of 9:58.22.
Lynn McGarry


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