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Nutrition for


  • Varied balanced diet to provide the 3 main fuels for energy -carbohydrate, protein and fat.

  • Also need vitamins, minerals and fluid.

  • Include starchy carbohydrates e.g. bread, pasta, rice, cereal.

  • Have at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

  • Choose plenty of high fibre foods.

  • Reduce salt intake.






  • Need greater energy intake to meet requirements for training.

  • Increase carbohydrate intake especially starchy carbohydrates.

  • Protein and fat still important.

  • Plan pre- and post-exercise meals and snacks.


Quick Meal Ideas

  • Toast and beans

  • Pasta with tomato sauce and vegetables

  • Baked potato and beans

  • Grilled chicken sandwich with salad


Snack Ideas

  • Bagels

  • Toast and jam

  • Rice cakes

  • Dried fruit

  • Bananas

  • Jelly beans

  • Orange squash

  • Cereal

  • Popcorn



  • Dehydration affects performance.

  • Drink plenty before, during and after

  • training and competition

  • Train with the your fluid

  • Limit intake of coffee and fizzy drinks

  • especially before training


Janey Russell (BSc PgD SRD) Sports Dietitian



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