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Club Records

Performances by Scottish qualification members made while representing the Club, District, National Team or Team West.  This list is still under revue.  Please bring any errors to the attention of Gordon Innes, Club Secretary.

Event Athlete Performance Location Date
100 yards Michael Hildrey 9.6s Dublin 10/08/1961
100 metres William Jack 10.5s London (WC) 03/07/1954
100 metres Michael Hildrey 10.5s Gateshead 01/07/1961
100 metres Ross Baillie 10.35s W Edinburgh (MB) 18/07/1998
100 metres Sandra Whittaker 11.50s Meadowbank 14/06/1986
100m Hurdles Alyssa Fullelove 13.65s Manchester 15/06/2006
110m Hurdles Chris Baillie 13.44s Melbourne, Australia 21/03/2006
200 metres Michael Hildrey 21.1s Dortmund, W.Germany 03/09/1961
200 metres Sandra Whittaker 22.98s Los Angeles 08/08/1984
400 metres Andrew Wood 47.6s Grangemouth 23/06/1969
400 metres Melanie Neef 51.18s Gothenburg, Sweden 08/08/1995
440 yards John McIsaac 47.5s Cardiff 20/07/1958
400m Hurdles David Martin 52.01s Gothenburg 29/06/2007
400m Hurdles Jane Low 58.43s Victoria, Canada 24/08/1994
800m Dave McMeekin 1:46.8 Paris 06/06/1974
800m Susan Scott 1:59.02 Melbourne, Australia 24/03/2006
1500m Dave McMeekin 3:43.1 Manchester (S) 09/06/1975
1500m Lynne MacDougall 4:05.96 Budapest, Hungary 20/08/1984
Mile Dave McMeekin 3:58.0 London (CP) 20/06/1975
Mile Lynne MacDougall 4:30.08 Venue to be confirmed 07/09/1984
2,000m S/C Nicola Hood 6:40.17 Grangemouth 09/08/2009
3,000m Vikki MacPherson 9:10.1 Venue to be confirmed 28/09/1992
3,000m S/C William Sheridan 9:02.2 Edinburgh (MB) 24/08/1975
3,000m S/C Nicola Hood 10:24.23 Birmingham 12/07/2009
5,000 metres Alan Wilson 14:07.3 Glasgow (CP) 1985
5,000 metres Alistair Douglas 14:07.7 Edinburgh (MB) 1985
5,000 metres Lynne MacDougall 15:45.03 Sheffield 29/06/1997
10,000 metres Alistair Douglas 29:29.39 Glasgow (CP) 1988
10,000 metres Vikki MacPherson 32:32.42 Venue to be confirmed 15/07/1993
1 Hour Pat McLagan 12 miles 400 yds Edinburgh (MB) 21/08/1971
Marathon Des Austin 2hr 19:19 Glasgow 18/09/1981
Marathon Sandra Branney 2hr 35:03 London 23/04/1989
High Jump Ray Bobrownicki 2.18m Pitreavie 18/07/2010
High Jump i Ray Bobrownicki 2.17m Glasgow (KH) 06/02/2010
High Jump Hazel Melvin 1.85m Coatbridge 03/08/1997
Long Jump Martin Taylor 7.47m Bedford 27/08/2000
Long Jump Myra Nimmo 6.43m Edinburgh (MB) 27/05/1973
Triple Jump Melville Fowler 14.54m Edinburgh (MB) 23/08/1987
Triple Jump Pamela Anderson 12.55m Crownpoint 29/06/1996
Pole Vault Jax Thoirs 4.85m Grangemouth 14/08/2011
Pole Vault i Jax Thoirs 4.70m Glasgow (KH) 14/02/2010
Pole Vault Jennifer Graham 3.95m Manchester 29/07/2007
Shot Put Loarn Robertson 15.43m Loughborough 20/08/1967
Shot Put Alison Grey 15.69m Sheffield 11/06/1994
Discus Colin Watson 46.80m Edinburgh (MB) 12/07/1975
Discus Alison Grey 52.52m Stretford 18/06/1994
Hammer Chris Bennett 59.84m Grangemouth 11/04/2009
Hammer Stacie Wilson 52.00m Grangemouth 09/08/2009
Javelin Old David Birkmyre 75.86m Carluke 29/05/1971
Javelin Martin Taylor 53.90m Glasgow (S) 28/07/2000
Javelin Karen Costello 54.50m Sheffield 11/06/1994
Decathlon Martin Taylor 6577 points Stoke 14-15/06/2003
4x100m Relay Iggy O'Muircheartaigh 41.5s Leicester 26/09/1970
  David Birkmyre      
  Gordon Muir      
  Andrew Wood      
4x100m Relay Jane Lindsay 46.7s Kirby 15/08/1982
  Yvonne Anderson      
  Angela Bridgeman      
  Sandra Whittaker      
4x110 Yards Alan Dunbar 42.3s Dunoon 27/08/1960
Relay Graeme Turner      
  Michael Hildrey      
  Ronnie Whitelock      
4x400m Relay Iggy O'Muircheartaigh 3:18.9 Grangemouth 15/08/1970
  Robert Laurie      
  Gordon Cameron      
  Andrew Wood      
4x400m Relay Erin McIlveen 3:44.32 Lee Valley 11/05/2014
  Chloe Lambert   London  
  Phillippa Millage      
  Dianne Ramsay      
4x440 Yards Robert Laurie 3:18.6 Glasgow 18/05/1968
Relay Gordon Miller      
  Hugh Barrow      
  Andrew Wood      
1600m Medley Hugh Barrow 3:23.7 Glasgow 24/05/1969
  Robert Laurie      
  Gordon Miller      
  Andrew Wood      
1 Mile Medley Andrew Wood 3:23.1 Liverpool 05/08/1967
  Peter Hepburn      
  Robert Laurie      
  Hugh Barrow      

Special thanks to Hugh Stevenson for researching the old City Of Glasgow A.C. records


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