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Track Success

We are often asked questions like “How do I reduce my 1500m time or can you recommend some schedules to improve my 800m time

There is of course no simple answer and it my be that the athlete is at their maximum potential, but my experience show that there are a few simple points that apply to most athletes.

There are five reasons why athletes may not realise their ambitions:

1 Those ambitions were unrealistic.

2 The athlete never actually got fit enough.

3 The athlete could not avoid injury.

4 The athlete did the wrong sort of training.

5 The athlete has not got the mental strength of character to win

An athlete can only perform to their design limitations. Some athletes are simply born with more ability than others

Some athletes don’t know what it is to hurt in training sessions. These are the athletes often referred to as ‘poseurs’.

Some athletes are always injured. This normally results directly from a biomechanical fault. If you are unable to correct the fault many people then work around the problem.

If you are prone to injury on the roads, run on the track or on grass. Make sure that you have the right training shoes, and that they still give the correct support.

Some athletes never go on a track all winter, and then wonder why the can’t run a good 800m early in the season. Some athletes just haven’t got what it takes upstairs. That is not being cruel, it is simply stating a fact, and these athletes will always be outwitted by a cleverer runner of equal physical ability.

If a lady athlete can run 55 secs for 400m, 2:00mins for 800m ( 60/400 )but only 4:25 ( 70/400) 1500m, it clearly show that her endurance is poor. Work on bringing her 1500m time towards 4:10 (67/400) will almost certainly bring down her 800m time.

This is why I advocate training and racing over and under an athletes specialist distance.


Andy McCracken



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