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Basic Rules and Guidance at the Track

1. Always run in an anti- clockwise direction.

2. The ‘fast or ‘inside’’ lane is to the left. Lane numbering (Lane 1) is the inside lane through to Lane 8 (the outside lane) Indoor track have up to 6 lanes, and some outdoor arenas have up to 10 lanes in the straight.  Lanes 1 and 2 should be used mainly by the fastest runners in the race or training session.  The outer lanes should be used by athletes doing their warm-up or cool-down.

3. Treat the track and infield like you would a road.  Look both ways and make sure it is safe to cross at all times.

4. If a faster runner comes up behind you and wants to pass, they will shout, “track”. On hearing the shout, “track”, move to the outer lanes if it is safe to do so.  When passing someone, always give plenty of warning time.  Say, “track,” wait for them to move over, and continue in your lane.

5. Never stand on the track, especially in lanes 1 or 2. Always look both ways before crossing the track.  When you finish an interval, look over your shoulder and move to the right as you stop.  If you move left you are more likely to get run over by another runner.

6. Don’t use headphones or your mobile phone on the track or infield.  This is potentially dangerous and may stop you from hearing other track users or safety announcements.

7. If the track is not busy, it is usually acceptable to do warm-up drills in the outside lanes.  Often this means you will be running back and forth on the straights.  This is the only time it’s OK to run in a clockwise direction.

8. Please consider other track users - don't make unnecessary noise near the start or the areas where the field events are taking place.  Encouragement from the infield is also not permitted.

9. During competition, don't run across the finishing line unless you are participating in the race as it may interfere with timekeepers, track judges and photo-finish/electronic timing equipment.

10. The in-field is generally out of bounds unless you are a competitor or an official in the event in session.  This means that, if you are late for your event, you have to walk around the outside of the track.  This may take longer but will help prevent you from being hit by a throwing implement.

11. Be polite and respectful to coaches and officials – they are giving up their time to help you and should always be thanked after training and competitions!

12. The steeplechase water jump is not a swimming pool and the jumps pit is not a beach! Similarly, the high jump and pole vault mats are for landing on not for resting or playing!

13. Young athletes should be supervised at all times.

14. Please do not leave your litter for others to clear up, and make sure you keep your valuables safe.

15. Finally, a track is designed for athletics!  Please keep footballs etc well away and if your animal is a spectator, please ensure that you keep it under control and remove any mess.




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